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Trusted Service – Timely Response


88 notes, 220 Strings, all tuned by Ear by an experienced Piano Technician with 40 years of experience for your musical enjoyment


Sticking or Sluggish Keys, Broken Parts, all repaired quickly and professionally


Adjusting your Piano’s Action to Factory Specifications for optimum performance

Piano Keys - Piano Tuning
Smiling Young Pianist - Instrument Repair


Need it Brighter or Softer? Voicing is the answer.

Rebuilding / Restoration

Have an Heirloom you want to save? Our Rebuilding shop can make it like new!

Appraisals & Estimates

Need an Insurance Appraisal? Want an Estimate for repair? Selling you Piano? We can help.

Purchase Consultation

Looking to buy a piano but need some help finding a good instrument at a fair price? We can help. We even have new and used pianos for sale!


Selling Assistance/Broker

Have a piano you want to sell but don’t want the hassle? We have clients looking to buy, or we can list your piano for you. We can even take it on consignment.

Recent Projects

Our latest projects in the shop include:

  • 1905 Knabe 5' Grand Complete Restoration
  • 1920 Chickering 5'7" Grand  Partial Restoration
  • 1887 Steinway Model “A” Grand Complete Restoration
  • 1924 Mason & Hamlin A 6' Grand  Complete Restoration


  • 1880 Beethoven Upright  Partial Rebuild              
  • 1865 Steinway 8'4" Concert Grand  Action Rebuild
  • 1915 Kurtzmann Upright   Partial Restoration

Contact us to have your piano tuned and repaired by an experienced and trusted Piano Technician.