Following are some questions that we hear a lot from piano owners.  If your question isn't listed, contact us and we'll be happy to answer your question personally.  We change the questions periodically, so check back!

Q: How often should I have my piano tuned?

Short Answer:  Every 6 – 12 Months

Q: My piano has not been tuned for a long time.  Will there be an additional charge to tune it?

Short Answer:  Yes, if a Pitch Raise is required.

Q:  What is the difference between Tuning and Regulating?

Short Answer:  Tuning tunes the Strings, Regulating adjusts the Action.

Q:  Is it better to repair an old piano or buy a new one?

Short Answer:  It depends.  Sorry, no easy answer on this one.

Q:  My child is just starting piano lessons.  Can’t we just get by with a cheap, un-tuned piano for now until he/she gets better?

Short Answer:  No.

Q:  What is the difference between a Piano Tuner and a Piano Technician?

Short Answer:  Technicians are generally Tuners who are also skilled at repairs and restoration.

Q:  If I am not using my piano it should not go out of tune, right?

Short Answer: Wrong. 

Q:  What can I do to help keep my piano in tune?

Short Answer:  Have it serviced regularly.